Your Professional Crew

Starship carries up to 11 professional crew who will cater to your every need.

Captain – Steve Feldman

Captain Steve, originally from New York, has now been in sunny Florida for over 30 years after making the move to start his own boat repair business. Being a boater for all of his life, the transition to the yachting industry seemed like it was the natural thing to do. He has now been in yachting for nearly 30 years and still loves it as much as his first time on board. Captain Steve has been with Starship since 2003 and has evolved the charter program to a once-in-a-lifetime experience with service that exceeds every guest’s expectations. He ensures that every charter runs smoothly from start to finish, with every detail being accounted for. He is a Captain with tons of knowledge to share and enjoys the company of guests on the Bridge while underway. Although he is adaptable to all types of charters, he naturally favors families as he has two daughters of his own – ages 10 and 21. His passion is ‘go fast’ boating and spends most of his free time with other boaters in central Florida or driving around sports cars. Chartering on 185’ Starship is to charter with one of the industry’s best captains alongside his dynamic crew who will ensure an experience like no other.

First Officer – German Sabin

German grew up in Lithuania, Klaipeda which is based on the coast of the Baltic Sea. During his childhood, he was a professional swimmer for 12 years before slowly transitioning to CrossFit as a fulltime hobby. After four years of studies at the Maritime Academy, German graduated and joined commercial fleet, following in the footsteps of his father and brother. After one year working in the industry, he discovered yachting, and has loved working his way towards Captain ever since. German has now been boating for five years. German has become the go-to crew member for filming and editing. He is extremely talented at capturing your family’s holiday, so that you will forever have the memories to look back on. German wants every charter guest to walk away from their time onboard STARSHIP amazed by the outstanding service the crew provided.

Bosun – Andres Bolanos Martinez

Hailing from the vibrant and lush landscapes of San Jose, Costa Rica, my journey has been one of adventure and constant growth. As a teenager, my family and I moved to the beautiful Guanacaste area, where my passion for high-end hospitality and luxury customer service began to flourish. It was here that I also delved into the diving industry, adding another dimension to my expertise. Seven years ago, I embarked on a transformative journey in the maritime industry, a decision that has since taken me around the globe. My experience ranges from managing luxury small boats to serving on majestic super yachts, always ensuring an exceptional experience for high-profile guests. I’ve navigated through the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean islands and the historic coasts of the Mediterranean, bringing with me a commitment to excellence and a spirit of discovery in every expedition.

Deckhand – Adrian Garcia Ulloa Gamiz

Born under the sun-soaked skies of Jalisco, Mexico, I am a 24-year-old dynamic crew member with a rich background in sports and maritime activities. My athletic journey began with soccer, where I honed skills in teamwork and precision. Transitioning to the aquatic realm, I developed a deep-seated passion for diving, spearfishing, surfing, and fishing. With four years of dedicated experience in the yachting industry, I bring a blend of enthusiasm, expertise, and a love for the sea to every voyage. 

Deckhand/Engineer – Travon Emile Musgrove

At the spirited age of 24, Tray is the very embodiment of adventure, creativity, and passion. Growing up amidst the gentle sway of boats and the rhythmic stories of the sea, thanks to a father who had saltwater running through his veins, yachting was not just a choice but a destiny. Every journey aboard holds the promise of fresh experiences and the thrill of the uncharted – from breathtaking excursions with guests to crafting memories that last a lifetime. With dreams as vast as the ocean, Tray is charting a course to rise through the yachting ranks, with a Captain’s hat on the horizon. And if you ever want a tale of sheer unexpected thrill, ask about that time on an island teeming with pigs! Adventure truly is around every corner.

Deckhand/Engineer – Travon Emile Musgrove

Simon was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica, on the north coast surrounded by rivers and ocean. This is where he found his love for swimming and water activities. As a young man Simon would spend most of his time racing cars or playing around under the hood, pulling stuff apart and trying to put it back together. A little engineer in the making. In 2017 Simon was persuaded to do marine engineering by his older brother who is a chief engineer on merchant vessels. After completing his studies, he was working with his brother on oil tankers until he was convinced by a friend to try yachting and never looked back.

Chef de Cuisine – Gary Thomas

Gary was born in Scotland and his family moved to New Zealand in 1982. He spent most of his time in Auckland where he did his schooling and worked as a lifeguard on the west coast beaches. Gary first entered the yachting industry by doing temp work on M/Y UYLSSES. He moved to yachting full-time in April 2013 and has since worked on a variety of motor and sailing yachts. Gary has excellent culinary skills with 27 years of galley and kitchen experience. He is comfortable cooking healthy Organic, Pacific Rim, classic French, Italian, and modern Asian-style foods, which enables him to relate well to a diverse range of people. He is happy to accommodate all dietary requirements and will ensure allergies and special requests are handled with great care. Gary is able to easily adapt to any given environment and enjoys being a part of a committed and enthusiastic team who is fully committed to providing a 5-star dining experience. When Gary is not busy preparing immaculate dishes, you can find him playing golf, water sports, mountain biking, fresh and saltwater fly fishing, or doing underwater photography. As one of his favorite quote’s states, “A recipe has no soul. You, as the chef, must bring soul to the recipe” and Gary can’t wait to bring his dishes alive to his next guests on board STARSHIP.

Chief Stewardess – Tessa Haggard

Tessa comes from the small agricultural town of Molteno, in the heart of the Eastern Cape, South Africa where she grew up on a farm.  She then attended boarding school from the age of six before following her desire to explore the world and experience different cultures.  This pursuit of travel eventually led her to yachting where she has spent the last eight years cruising the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and the Bahamas.  Tessa has a great sense of adventure and is always eager for new experiences. Tessa continually strives to provide the highest standard of guest care and prides herself in ensuring your experience aboard M/Y Starship is seamless and unforgettable.

Second Stewardess – Mikaela Swanepoel

Mikaela was born in Westville, South Africa and has recently become a US Citizen. She studied Culinary Arts and Advanced Pastry in South Africa. Because of her love for the ocean, people, food and travel she was soon introduced to the yachting industry by her uncle. During Mikaela’s 7 years in the industry, she has been lucky enough to visit places such as Cuba, Bahamas, Central America, French Polynesia, Tonga and Fiji. Her love and respect for the ocean continues to grow. She looks forward to creating a memorable experience for you and your family to enjoy onboard Motor Yacht Starship Fun fact, Miks has worked with Captain Steve on both Starships!

Third Stewardess – Gricel Arcia Fernandez

Gricel, a vibrant and compassionate individual from Panama, has led a dynamic life dedicated to both personal growth and cultural exploration. Born 27 years ago, Gricel has always cherished the company of her family, and her passion for travel has taken her to an impressive 38 countries across the globe. In her free time, she engages in activities that nourish both body and mind, including exercising, meditating, dancing, and savoring new cuisines. Gricel is dedicated to treating others with the same warmth and respect that she values, making a positive impact in every interaction she has. Her zest for life and genuine kindness have made her a cherished presence in the lives of those around her.”

Fourth Stewardess – Chloe Collins

Chloe was born and raised in Eden Prairie, MN. A town in the SE suburbs of Minneapolis. She has two younger sisters whom she’s very proud of. Chloe started her yachting career in October last year which makes her the baby onboard. Most of her experience so far has been day working until she got this position. Chloe joined yachting because she wanted to get away from her hometown and get a chance to experience the world. Chloe hope to one day work her way to becoming a great Chief Stew. Outside of yachting she hope to get to experience new cultures and foods in the places travel to. Chole’s hobbies include crocheting,swimming, houseplants/gardening, backpacking/hiking, and trying new experiences. One thing she could teach anyone about is identifying different types of plants and how to care for them. She used to have so many plants in her bedroom back home that it was like a mini jungle. Chloe’s life motto is to try everything at least once. Because you will never know if you don’t like something if you don’t try it.